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Our firm is committed to providing the highest quality legal services at the most efficient cost.

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Niswanger Law Firm PLC provides quality legal representation to clients for civil and business matters, both litigation and transactions. We serve individuals and businesses in Little Rock, throughout Pulaski County and in the surrounding areas of Central Arkansas.

Our firm strives to give complete and thorough attention to your needs, just like the large law firms with tens or hundreds of lawyers. However, our firm can be much more efficient and nimble in addressing your circumstances. We are approachable and down-to-earth, but knowledgeable and experienced. Our goal is to help you resolve your legal matter as effectively as possible.

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We Can Help To Resolve Your Legal Matter

Many people think lawyers have all the answers and control all the levers. Our firm doesn’t think this is the case. We think that lawyers are really people who know how to research a case and solve the problem.

We provide business and civil litigation services. This means that this firm is qualified to represent you or your company as a plaintiff in a suit against another person, entity, or company that has wronged you or your company; or defend you in a case where someone or some entity or company has wrongly sought redress against you or your company.

In addition, we provide legal services pertaining to all types of personal, business and real estate transactions. This means that the firm can draft your simple wills, business contracts, real estate offers and acceptances, deeds, mortgages, leases, or other documentation that is used day to day by individuals and businesses. We also handle other legal issues related to breach of contract, construction law and creditors’ rights.

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